Seattle 2074

Kill ze Vampire
Rescuing the princess

The team parks the van down the street and gets out to survey the scene. While the team is deciding how best to handle the situation, Jamal sneaks up to the driveway of the house and notices a pack of ghouls hiding behind some broken down cars. Murphy decides to join him and the team ends up dispatching most of the ghouls when they see two huge “dogs” run out of a doghouse on the side, Jamal sees them and of course runs away.

After killing all of the ghouls and one of the dogs, Gavin goes out the front door and casts a Physical Barrier spell effectively blocking any physical attacks from harming him. When most of the team starts to focus their fire on Gavin, they hear a howl which seems to freeze them with fear. Murphy manages to kill the remaining dog while Jamal goes to work with his throwing knives on Gavin. Before dying, Gavin transforms into a cloud of mist and floats away on the wind leaving only Jamal’s knives and a sword.

The team investigates the house and finds Rebecca asleep on the bed, looking drained but alive. They bring Rebecca to Mr. Johnson and he runs and embraces Rebecca, looking very much like a grateful father.

Each player receives ¥1000 and 6 karma.
Trolling Redmond
Later that night...

After Gavin takes off in his car, the team decides to take a minute and look around the swanky apartment. Sam happens to notice that a stylized 162 is tattoo’d on each of the ghouls but he’s not sure what that means, except that it must be some gang reference. Vlad picks up one of the ghouls and throws him in the back of Jamal’s van for “information”.

Not sure where to go next, Jamal calls his friend Hank the Tank who has contacts in Redmond gangs. After meeting up with the team, Hank knows that the 162’s are a ghoul gang located in Redmond with ties to the Tamanous organization. Since Redmond is the next logical place to go, the team invites Hank along for some extra muscle.

When arriving in Redmond, the team drives over to the Bargain Basement which the 162’s have been known to hang out at from time to time. While there, Vlad sees a couple trolls wearing leather jackets with a picture of a dead elf head with a spike through it, and decides to walk up to them and ask some questions. Gangers aren’t usually known for their sunny disposition, and these two didn’t break that mold at all. After telling Vlad to get lost, they decided to get violent when Vlad became annoying and threw some punches while Vlad pulled out an assault rifle and gunned one of them down. Sam decided that he might need to help out and shot the other ganger with gel rounds to incapacitate him. The team then decided it might be a good idea to check out another area…

The team pulled up to another known hangout of the 162’s, the Body Mall. Yngwie went around visiting the numerous shop owners, while Hank walked around outside looking for evidence. While looking around outside, Hank noticed a delivery van pull up and the driver gets out carrying a cooler. After verifying that the man was carrying organs, the team follows the driver out deeper into the Barrens. While following the driver pull into a cul-de-sac, they spot another house nearby with Gavin’s car in the garage…

Farewell, Dorf the Dwarf
Getting Closer to the Culprit


The next day, Dorf was at his sister’s safe house while she tried to decide how best to take care of him. He was watching the trid when he happened to see the gruesome footage of him killing the man at the bar the previous night and the massive manhunt searching for him at that moment. Being the kind-hearted dumb guy that he was, Dorf decided to call it quits and turn himself over to the authorities.

During that time, Una and Vlad go back to the bar in disguise for yet another attempt at nabbing that financial data. The duo decide to pretend at getting drunk to give Una the cover she needed to slip into VR and into Trey’s network. Sleazing her way past the network’s feeble firewalls, Una manages to find the details on the dark haired man’s bar tab the night Rebecca disappeared. Decrypting the data, Una finds out the man’s name, Gavin Lohen…

Vlad calls up his friend Chief O’Malley from the Everett Knight Errant office to try and get more info on Gavin. After a little annoyance from the Chief, he does manage to hand over Gavin’s address.

The team drives out to Gavin’s house that night in hopes of finding Rebecca at his house. Seeing that this is a nicer neighborhood, Murphy and Jamal (the team’s new infiltration expert) decide to sneak into Gavin’s house. Being all but invisible, they didn’t count on there being ghouls inside the house which easily picked the two sneaky people up by their scent. The two covert ops specialists managed to dispatch the three ghouls but Gavin, being alerted by a silent door alarm linked to his ‘link, managed to get away in his sport’s car while Jamal ran outside and shot a bow and arrow at it. Amazingly, the arrow didn’t seem to affect the car that much…

Oh, the Humanis-ty!
The team's attempt at Legwork goes horribly awry.


After being hired by Mr. Johnson to find a girl named Rebecca, the team first goes to her last known location, Trey’s Place.

The bar is a dive over in the Everett district, just north of the Everett Beacon Mall. Showing the picture around the bar, none of the patrons seem to recognize the photo of the girl. They do manage to secure some of the security footage of the night Rebecca went missing though, and caught a glimpse of the man Rebecca left with. The team decides to call it a night and go back to their respective homes.


The next evening, Vlad and Una decide to go back to the bar in hopes of securing some info on the financial transactions from the bar the night Rebecca disappeared, Yngwie, Dorf and Vince decide to tag along as well. Everything seems to be going well until 4 thugs walk into the bar, and right up to Vladamir. One thing leads to another and a “fight” ensues (more like Vlad starts to take the trash out). When one of the thugs decides to pull a knife out, Dorf thought it was his Stretch Armstrong doll and broke the man’s neck in one punch. The fight immediately stops when everyone hears the tell tale sound of a shotgun being racked. Trey orders them all to leave and contacts the police. Dorf, having no way to get home by himself, waits out by the curb for his sister to come pick him up. Unfortunately, the man that was killed happened to be Senator Charles Seaver’s son and the police had clear camera footage showing that Dorf was the killer. The team found this out later that night.

Meanwhile, Una and Vlad went to a local strip joint to blow off steam while Yngwie searched for more leads at a nearby night club. Yngwie’s work did pay off a bit as he found out the dark haired man had visited the club on more than one occasion.


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