Seattle 2074

Trolling Redmond

Later that night...

After Gavin takes off in his car, the team decides to take a minute and look around the swanky apartment. Sam happens to notice that a stylized 162 is tattoo’d on each of the ghouls but he’s not sure what that means, except that it must be some gang reference. Vlad picks up one of the ghouls and throws him in the back of Jamal’s van for “information”.

Not sure where to go next, Jamal calls his friend Hank the Tank who has contacts in Redmond gangs. After meeting up with the team, Hank knows that the 162’s are a ghoul gang located in Redmond with ties to the Tamanous organization. Since Redmond is the next logical place to go, the team invites Hank along for some extra muscle.

When arriving in Redmond, the team drives over to the Bargain Basement which the 162’s have been known to hang out at from time to time. While there, Vlad sees a couple trolls wearing leather jackets with a picture of a dead elf head with a spike through it, and decides to walk up to them and ask some questions. Gangers aren’t usually known for their sunny disposition, and these two didn’t break that mold at all. After telling Vlad to get lost, they decided to get violent when Vlad became annoying and threw some punches while Vlad pulled out an assault rifle and gunned one of them down. Sam decided that he might need to help out and shot the other ganger with gel rounds to incapacitate him. The team then decided it might be a good idea to check out another area…

The team pulled up to another known hangout of the 162’s, the Body Mall. Yngwie went around visiting the numerous shop owners, while Hank walked around outside looking for evidence. While looking around outside, Hank noticed a delivery van pull up and the driver gets out carrying a cooler. After verifying that the man was carrying organs, the team follows the driver out deeper into the Barrens. While following the driver pull into a cul-de-sac, they spot another house nearby with Gavin’s car in the garage…


Enin Enin

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