Seattle 2074

Kill ze Vampire

Rescuing the princess

The team parks the van down the street and gets out to survey the scene. While the team is deciding how best to handle the situation, Jamal sneaks up to the driveway of the house and notices a pack of ghouls hiding behind some broken down cars. Murphy decides to join him and the team ends up dispatching most of the ghouls when they see two huge “dogs” run out of a doghouse on the side, Jamal sees them and of course runs away.

After killing all of the ghouls and one of the dogs, Gavin goes out the front door and casts a Physical Barrier spell effectively blocking any physical attacks from harming him. When most of the team starts to focus their fire on Gavin, they hear a howl which seems to freeze them with fear. Murphy manages to kill the remaining dog while Jamal goes to work with his throwing knives on Gavin. Before dying, Gavin transforms into a cloud of mist and floats away on the wind leaving only Jamal’s knives and a sword.

The team investigates the house and finds Rebecca asleep on the bed, looking drained but alive. They bring Rebecca to Mr. Johnson and he runs and embraces Rebecca, looking very much like a grateful father.

Each player receives ¥1000 and 6 karma.


Enin Enin

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