Seattle 2074

Farewell, Dorf the Dwarf

Getting Closer to the Culprit


The next day, Dorf was at his sister’s safe house while she tried to decide how best to take care of him. He was watching the trid when he happened to see the gruesome footage of him killing the man at the bar the previous night and the massive manhunt searching for him at that moment. Being the kind-hearted dumb guy that he was, Dorf decided to call it quits and turn himself over to the authorities.

During that time, Una and Vlad go back to the bar in disguise for yet another attempt at nabbing that financial data. The duo decide to pretend at getting drunk to give Una the cover she needed to slip into VR and into Trey’s network. Sleazing her way past the network’s feeble firewalls, Una manages to find the details on the dark haired man’s bar tab the night Rebecca disappeared. Decrypting the data, Una finds out the man’s name, Gavin Lohen…

Vlad calls up his friend Chief O’Malley from the Everett Knight Errant office to try and get more info on Gavin. After a little annoyance from the Chief, he does manage to hand over Gavin’s address.

The team drives out to Gavin’s house that night in hopes of finding Rebecca at his house. Seeing that this is a nicer neighborhood, Murphy and Jamal (the team’s new infiltration expert) decide to sneak into Gavin’s house. Being all but invisible, they didn’t count on there being ghouls inside the house which easily picked the two sneaky people up by their scent. The two covert ops specialists managed to dispatch the three ghouls but Gavin, being alerted by a silent door alarm linked to his ‘link, managed to get away in his sport’s car while Jamal ran outside and shot a bow and arrow at it. Amazingly, the arrow didn’t seem to affect the car that much…


Enin Enin

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